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William is fantastic! So easy to work with and helpful with providing details on materials needed and the process of installation. The process was fairly simple, it required a site visit from one of the engineers that surveys your roofing structure on your home and your "solar potential" (as what I was told). Then once I was approved for my solar system, the installation began immediately and the materials were ordered. The materials for the solar panels took about 2 weeks to come in (much quicker than what I expected!) Once the panels and materials came in, everything else took place. The overall installation of my 6kW took about  2.5 days given that I didn't need to do any home improvements to my roof structure, etc. Both the engineers and installers were so efficient and knew what they were doing, that's for sure! I have neighbors asking all the time where to get solar information and I recommend SC Solar every time! Their work speaks for itself and I hope to see more people using their services, you won't be dissapointed! 


545 Pleasant side Dr.

Tel (843)406-5931


June 16, 2016


My name is Torie Wilson and I am the Executive Director of Southeastern Solar Energy.  Southeastern Solar Energy is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate,  train and assist citizens in energy efficiency.  We endorse William Wilson  and his company SC Solar Energy in their commitment to creating change throughout South Carolina.  Southeastern Solar Energy and SC Solar  has joined together in a partnership to develop jobs for residents living in one of the poorest counties (Lee County) in South Carolina. His commitment, experience and vision will undoubtedly create a positive  wave of change throughout South Carolina and beyond.




Torie Wilson

Executive Director


We were pleasantly  pleased with our solar installation by SC solar energy. They made the installation from the beginning to end not only educational but fun and informative. Now I’m enjoying electric bills of $25 a month. Thank you SC solar energy 

Martha Stevens

SC solar energy has made me a believer of solar power. They are very knowledgeable about renewable energy and more importantly they provided financing that made things flow so smoothly. Now my electric bilI is running around $15.00 a month. I would recommend them to anyone.

Judy Schnaath

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