William Wilson, Jr.
William is a native of South Carolina. He grew up in the Lowcountry and went to Berkeley high school. His college education includes a degree from Trident Technical College in Business Management, as well as, commercial & residential certifications at the Solar Energy Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. He has installed & managed over 3 megawatts of commercial business, government and residential installation and is continuing to grow his portfolio.



SC Solar Energy Inc. was founded by William Wilson, Jr. in 2007 to counteract the ever rising electric costs and to provide a means of power during power outages.  William is very knowledgeable about the electric industry. His father worked for a local electric company for 40 years and was able to teach him. William was able to watch and learn many things from his father and that fueled his desire and understanding for the need of SC Solar Energy Inc.  

William has installed & managed over 900 kw of residential installation. He has also been responsible for engineering and managing two solar fields equaling of 100kw and 500kw.  He has experience working on government projects and recently worked on a government solar rooftop installation in SC equaling over 90 kw & 500 gallons of hot water. He has installed over 1.5 megawattof commercial solar projects within the southeast. He has accounted for projects as small as 20k & as large as 2.9million. He has assisted in energy audits on commercial buildings & lowering of electric bills not only with solar but also with LED and insulation. Having over 10 years’ experience in the solar industry and sustainable practices, William brings a plethora of wisdom & knowledge to the industry. Since 2012 William have been very active in community projects and green consulating with home owners who could not afford solar but still wanted to particapte in helping the environment by carbon free electricity. He has now open up the door of opportunities to offer financing for those who credit scores are not as high as needed and made some mistakes along the way that doesn't allow them to be credit worthy. William has been advocate of renewable energy for well over a decade and pushes renewable energy as the new way of life in helping not only the rich but poor alike to enjoy the energy from the sun. A proud native of SC and representive of renewable energy across the country.


SC solar energy experts

Thomas Hellhoff

VP of sales

Problem solver and a people person. Strong background in both management and sales. 17 years in sales force and 3 years as SC solar energy VP of sales

Terri Johnson

Marketing Manager

Avid communicator, with 10 years experience in on and offline web and Internet marketing services.  

David Moore

Utility Superintendant Liaison 

Experience ranges from utility grid application to building and managing substations for cities. David has over 33 years of service in this areas of work. 

SC solar energy experts

John Middleton 

Construction Manager

Problem solver and a people person. Has the skill level to impervise and keep the job moving forward to meet deadlines. 22 years experience in construction and construction management.

Doug Lindquist

Property & Land Acquisition Manager

Doug has been in management for the past 20 years. Being an veteran he continued into the mangement with varies roles within the field. A valubale attribute to the organization. He has been in inloved in land acquisiton

Contact Us:

SC Solar Energy Inc. 

4000 Faber Place Drive

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Contact Us:

SC Solar Energy Inc

4000 Faber Place Dr., Ste 300
North Charleston, SC  29405

Phone: (843) 790-3008

E-mail: Info@SC-SolarEnergy.com

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